U-Investment is a Delaware, US company located in Saint Petersburg, FL -USA legally constituted- with registration EIN. 35-2829268. See more


U-Investment is a Holding company with the objective to acquire companies based in Uruguay; with a specific activity that complements each other and forms a comprehensive operation.

U-Investment Company Inc is formed by two partners who have ample business experience in Farming, R&D, Financing and Management.


Our Amazing Team

Carlos Ezequiel Rodriguez Roig

-Chief Managing Partner
-Veterinarian (1984, UDELAR, Uruguay).
-More than 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector, that started with the production of sugar cane and rice.
-Vast business and management experience and great local knowledge.
-Farming in Paraguay – Heads a large cattle operation in the Northwest of Paraguay.
-Was an active member of several nationwide rice farmers associations for more than 20 years

Martin Santurtun

-Managing Partner.
-Bachelor of Agribusiness Administration (1980) and Master in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara (1991).
-Large Farms management in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay (1981 – 1989)
-In 1991 he began working for Dole Food Company, Inc, as a Financial Analyst, then as Director of Pilot Farms and finally Director of Planning for Latin America and Project Director for Dole Brazil.
-In 2000 he became a CFO of the Bocchi Group for Expofrut SA Argentina, where he supervised operations in Brazil, Costa Rica and Uruguay.
-In 2003 he became CEO of Salentein Farming in Argentina. He has extensive experience in handling work teams, land and livestock in both Uruguay and Argentina
-In 2010 started an Ag Investment firm which led to U-INVESTMENT Company

Valentin Rodriguez Constantin

–Chief Financial Officer
–Economist (Universidad de Montevideo, 2016)
–Public Accountant (Universidad de Montevideo, 2017)
–Roemers Laboratory Uruguay – Product line Manager – He has an excellent knowledge of the pharmaceutical line of business.

Federico Rodriguez Constantin

–Chief Operating Officer.
–Bachelor in Human Management and Labor Relations (Universidad Católica, 2018).
–Since 2019 worked in different positions in Ambor SA, a family agriculture company, were he developed extremely good traits in Operations and team building.

Corporate Principles:

  • Develop an integrated, efficient, professional, and transparent Companies to provide the shareholders with a safe, adequate, and profitable investment.
  • Achieve high management standards through constant upgrade of productive and technological packages developed in the different areas of our business.
  • Incorporate advanced practices and technologies coupled with successful production integration, enhanced by synergies while improving the productive profile of the properties.
  • Encourage teamwork, continuous learning, commitment to our people and a socially responsible operation.
  • Respect the environment and the communities in which we operate, adhering to the Principles for Responsible Investment.